Bimini Island Bahamas

August-2013   Kugel Air is now approved to fly pax & cargo domestically anywhere in the USA.
October-2013   Fly Cargo throughout the Caribbean.

Oct-2018  Relocated to West Coast of Florida. We are near Sarasota, Tampa, Ft Myers, Bradenton, Venice Beach, airports.

December 2019 Operating from: Central Florida,  and planning also, Ellington Field Houston Texas, serving Texas.

Airplane in Cargo


Pax seats removed


Flying North looking west south of Exuma Island. Blue streaks in sky as  sun was setting.  Altitude 10,000 Ft.

Video Clip Section.


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Our airplane is: 

Beechcraft Sierra, Single engine Propeller, 4 seater. Comfortable tough versatile

Charter:   You fly directly to and from any airport across the country. Avoid the extravagance of private jet charters, and experience the same benefits;  your own plane, no crowds, no security lines – quite simply, no hassles.

Passengers: To provide better experience and service with least cost fast comfortable safe.

Cargo:  We have one schedule your's your cargo is delivered securely.

Export Service to the Bahamas: Need a central point from which to ship your cargo call us.

The Pilot: Is highly experienced with over 10,000 flight hours in a variety of environments, and our  passengers are our greatest priority.

Flying directly for you

Airplane Charter, Airplane Private Flight, Alquiler de Aviones, Vuelo Privado

*Passenger and Cargo* flights reasonably priced
  Key West,, Orlando,, Naples, Tampa, Jacksonville, Tallahassee  Pensacola, Atlanta Ga- in 3.5 hours from Orlando.

 Special  Key West: Day trip, depart from as far north as Orlando to Key West $455 per seat; need 3 pax.

  Depart as early as 6 Am or choose your time, fly back home departing around 7 pm. A perfect day trip!
Tell us which airport is nearest you, pick you up there.

Feel like shopping or got a business trip, package to deliver, Game to see, have fun, leave driving behind fly nice on small Budget.

Passengers / Cargo : Call for a quote, rates vary depending on flight and itinerary. Houston Texas.

Passengers or Cargo wherever whenever you want it. 

You have a need to be anywhere in Florida. Why drive and spend days away from home.....
Get there do your thing and be back the same day. 
Why hassle with security lines, travel for business or personal get it done same day, sit and look out the window, avoid hotels, get back early enough to enjoy your home.
Our service is efficient enough to where you come out ahead on such trips.

We'd love to fly your cargo to the carribean, Nassau, Freeport, Staniel Key, just ask and we can do it.

You or your cargo on your instructions and schedule. transportation by air charter

Fly KugelAir and avoid big airport hassle. No security lines, airplane charter is easiest and best, total privacy and security

We can carry 3 Passengers or 600 pounds of cargo, or a mix of both.

You get confidentiality and safety at any airport.

Fun SightSeeing flights.

The airplane is fueled up and ready.                                          Important info for overseas CC customers, Make sure through your bank that your CC can be processed in the USA.

                                                   Fly secure Fast & Efficient                                                             Chartering Everywhere

      KugelAir Flight Service

                                                                                                              Airplane Charter

  Passenger & Cargo         

                                                                                Ft. Myers Florida & Houston Texas

                                                                                            (No waiting lines no hassles)
Phone (954)..529..3073                                                                                                                   Email:     Max@KUGELAIR.COM

Kugel Air is federally certified air carrier for Passenger & Cargo Day/Night flights.                                                                                                                                          Established 1991

Us Army veteran owned & operated.